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Temporary Activity visa Subclass 408

Temporary Activity visa Subclass 408

It permits you to stay in Australia to do specific types of work for a short-term on a temporary basis.

This visa permits you to stay in Australia temporarily for following Activities.

Australian Government Endorsed events Allows you to come to Australia and participate in events endorsed by Australian Government. Upto 4 years From AUD 310 (Free for Pandemic event) Not available
Religious work Allows you to do full-time religious work for a religious institution in Australia. Upto 2 years From AUD 310 75% of applications: Not Available90% of applications: Not Available
Special program Permits you to stay in Australia to take part  in an Approved special Program. It can include youth exchange, cultural enrichment or community programs, school language assistants or “gap year school volunteering” Upto 12 months From AUD 310 75% of applications: Not Available90% of applications: Not Available
Community based activity/event To participate in a social and cultural activity including sport events Upto 3 months From AUD 310 75% of applications: 5 days90% of applications: 5 days
Entertainment activity Lets you to work in entertainment industry as a performer or support staff. Upto 2 years From AUD 310 75% of applications: 40 days90% of applications: 84 days
Research based work It lets you to take part in a research institution in Australia. Upto 2 years From AUD 310 75% of applications: Not Available90% of applications: Not Available
Sporting activities Permits you to play, coach, instruct for team of Australia. Upto 2 years From AUD 310 75% of applications: 28 days90% of applications: 83 days
Superyacht crew It lets you work as a crew member of a Superyacht in Australia. Upto 2 years From AUD 310 75% of applications: Not Available90% of applications: Not Available
Staff exchange Allows you to come to Australia as a part of a staff exchange with an Australian organization. Upto 2 years From AUD 310 Unavailable due to low volume of applications.
Executive based domestic work Lets you to come to Australia to do domestic work, full-time in the household of certain foreign executives. Upto 2 years From AUD 310 Unavailable due to low volume of applications.

Eligibility for this visa

  • You need to be sponsored or supported.
  • You must meet any additional requirements of the relevant stream.
  • You must possess the skills to undertake the activity to be carried out inshore.
  • You must meet health and character requirements.
  • You need to have adequate arrangements for health insurance while in Australia.
  • Obligations: – It is necessary that you and your family abide by all laws of Australian Government.
  • Financial support: You must be able to support yourself and any eligible dependant or accompanying family members who stay with you.
  • English language requirements
  • Visa applicants for special program should have Functional English Language.
  • Sponsor- If you apply in Australia or you apply outside Australia and you intend to stay for more than 3 months, you must provide the following from your sponsor:
  • Sponsors Transaction Reference Number or Sponsorship Application ID
  • Sponsor approval letter or receipt for lodgment of the sponsorship application.
  • A written statement from the sponsor that they will meet the sponsorship obligations for you and all dependent family members included in your application.
  • ​Have paid Outstanding debt (if any) to the Australian Government: –

If applicant or any family member of the applicant owe any debt to the Australian Government, it must be paid back.

Genuine Temporary Entrant

The genuine temporary entrant requirement (GTE) is an integrity measure to ensure that the temporary visa program is used as intended and not as a way to maintain ongoing residency in Australia. Temporary residents are generally not able to extend their stay in Australia beyond four years by applying for this visa.

The GTE requirement applies to all temporary activity visa applicants. The officer assessing the visa will consider whether the individual circumstances of the visa applicant indicates that their intention is for a temporary stay in Australia.

You must satisfy us that you have a genuine intention to stay in Australia temporarily.

When assessing the GTE requirement, we will consider:

  • your circumstances
  • your immigration history
  • compliance with visa conditions
  • if you are under 18 years old, the intention of your parent, legal guardian or partner
  • any other relevant matter.
  • Proof of de facto relationship with partner for a minimum of 12 months before applying date.

Place to Lodge the Application from: – You can apply in or outside Australia

After Applying: Might be you need to provide additional information.

Visa Conditions for Temporary Activity Visa (Subclass 408)

8106- Work limitation:

You cannot work in Australia unless it is relevant to the business or tasks specified in the visa application.

The Department is working with the Fair Work Ombudsman to help employees and employers understand and follow Australian Workplace laws.

8107- Work limitation

8114- Superyacht crew

You can only work in Australia as a member of the crew of a Superyacht.

8301- Meet any outstanding public interest criteria

8303- Not be disruptive

You must not become involved in activities disruptive to, or violence threatening harm to, the Australian community or a group within the Australian community.

8501- Meet adequate health insurance

8502- Not arrive before person specified in visa

You must not enter Australia before the person specified (usually the main visa holder or your sponsor in the case of a Partner visa) in the visa has entered Australia

8503- No further stay

While you are in Australia, you are unable to make a valid visa application for any new substantive visa other than a protection visa.

8516- Continue to satisfy the criteria for the grant of the visa

8522- Must leave Australia with or before the primary visa holder.

8525- Must leave Australia on the date specified.

8526- Let Australian Government know where you are living in Australia.

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