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Professional Year Program

Professional Year Program

Top 4 Benefits of Professional Year Program

Qualify for 5 Migration Points

Gain 5 migration points upon successful completion of the PY program.

Professional Work Experience

Develop practical skills through a 12-week hands-on internship with an Australian host company.


Gain complete understanding of an Australian workplace as well as enhancing your CV and interview skills.

Build Work

Helps you to maintain and develop your own network with the industry professionals.

What is a Professional Year Program?

A Professional Year Program, also known as professional development program is a well structured professional development program for Australian university graduates.  Gazetted by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) and managed by the respective Professional Bodies, it strives to enhance the employability of International graduates of Accounting (Minimum 2years), IT and Engineering field.

Without local experience in their chosen profession, international graduates find it very hard to show industry standard skills that the companies require. Professional year provides graduates with the opportunity to make use of their theoretical skills practically and help them get hands-on experience in performing different job tasks in real life. A successful conclusion of the program earns them 5 points towards permanent residency in Australia.

The following are other ways via which the Professional Year Program can help students:

  • Learning how to communicate effectively and professionally in the workplace with colleagues, managers and customers.
  • Understanding the Australian employment market and workplace culture.
  • Gaining valuable work experience through internship placements that exposes students to the Australian work practices.
  • Becoming eligible to apply for additional migration points in support of Australian permanent residency application.

Why Orange Global for Professional Year?

Ask a FREE consultation with one of our friendly counselors & get the guidance you need.
Our Educational counselors will work one-on-one with clients to allow them to enroll in a program which is flexible and meets their individual needs.

Orange Global clients are also automatically eligible for a limited number of scholarships which we are given by the providers each term for exceptional candidates.