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Partner Permanent visa (Subclass 801)

Partner Permanent visa (Subclass 801)

This visa allows the spouse or de facto partner of a citizen of Australia, Australian Permanent Resident, or an eligible New Zealand citizen to immigrate permanently to Australia.

This visa permits you

  • Stay permanently in Australia.
  • Study or work in Australia.
  • Entitled to enrol for Medicare (Australia’s public healthcare scheme).
  • Sponsor your family acquaintances to come to Australia.
  • Apply for citizenship of Australia after 4 years (if eligible).
  • Attend free English language classes given by The Adult Migrant English Program (if eligible).

Duration of Stay

  • As it is a permanent visa, you can stay for an indefinite time.
  • Your permanent residence starts on the day of the grant of the visa for citizenship.


Applicant can include his/her dependent child while applying for combined visas.

  • If you hadn’t included your dependent child in your temporary visa application, you can add them still in your application before deciding on your permanent visa application.
  • The child must:-
  • Be onshore.
  • Hold a dependent child visa(subclass 445)

My Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicant must hold a (subclass 820) (temporary) Partner visa.
  • You must continue to be in a relationship with your spouse or de facto partner unless your relationship has broken off under special situations.
  • You must be married legally to an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen.
  • Applicants need to have been in a de facto relationship(if not married) for a minimum of 12 months before lodging the application unless you have registered your relationship or there are circumstances enough to wave the 12-month requirement.
  • No matter what kind of relationship (either married or de facto) you must clarify
  • Your relationship is real and enduring.
  • Your relationship is mutually beneficial.
  • You live together, or you don’t live separately.
  • Abide by all Australian laws while on your temporary visa.
  • May be you need to provide extra documentation for processing of this visa, after 2 years of submitting your temporary partner visa.
  • Have paid Outstanding debt (if any) to the Australian Government: –

If the applicant or any family member of the applicant owes any debt to the Australian Government,

it must be paid back

Obligations: – It is necessary that you and your family abide by all laws of the Australian Government.


Paid at the time of combined application for the temporary and permanent partner visa.

Visa Subclass Fee Additional Applicant Fee(Child)
Main Applicant Under 18 Over 18
Subclass 820/801 visa $7.715 $1.935 $3.860

Applying Process: – Both visas are applied at once and you have to pay one application charge only.

801 Onshore Partner visa (Phases)

Phase 1: – First step comprises

  • Lodge a combined subclass 820/801 visa application by paying a single lodgment fee.
  • At first, you will be evaluated for the subclass 820 visa.
  • If visa grant requirements are fulfilled, then you will be granted a temporary visa (which permits you to reside in Australia) while your subclass 801 Application is under process.

Phase 2: – 2 years after lodgment of Subclass 820/801 visa you will need to clarify that you still meet partner visa grant requirements.

Bridging visa: – While your 820 visa is under process, you will be granted a bridging visa.

  • You will be permitted to enrol in Course of study and in Medicare.

Steps Involved (in Applying): – The application form is lodged online.

Step 1. Before Applying: – just check.

  • Your Passport.
  • On immediate grant of 801 visas after 820 visas (temporary) you need not do anything else, Otherwise, provide more documents.

Step 2. Gather all Evidence: –

  • You and Your Australian partner will need to provide as required with evidence given below: –
  • Identity Documents (Passport and Birth Certificate)
  • Character documents
  • Certified Registration proof of marriage or relationship (if applicable)
  • At least 2 forms 888’s (Statutory Declaration) given by witnesses attesting that your relationship is true.
  • Each of you should provide a written statement or statutory declaration covering the history and development of your relationship)
  • After 2 years of lodging subclass 820/801 visa application, supply relevant documents to immigration
  • You don’t need to wait for the 2-year period instead send the documents 1 month before the time of 2 years.
  • Documents include: –
  • Updated documents related to the previous ones.
  • Police clearances
  • Relationship evidence from the period of lodgment of combined subclass 820/801 visa application to date.

Step 3. Visa Application: –

  • Visa is applied online, by providing correct and relevant information.

Step 4. After Applying: –

  • We will inform you after receiving your application and documents.

Step 5. The outcome of Visa: – While deciding on your Permanent Partner Visa, you can be onshore or offshore.

  • During granting of your visa, we will inform you about your visa grant number, the date of start of your visa and its conditions.
  • In case of refusal of our visa, we will let you know the reason for refusal and if you have a right to a review of the decision.
  • The application fee is non- refundable.

Processing Time

801 visa – between 22 and 26 months.

  • The processing of applications will also depend on individual circumstances.

Granting of 801 Visa: –

You will need to be present in Australia for the visa to be granted.

Visa Label: – Your visa will be digitally linked to your passport

Visa if Not Granted: –

You may appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) for a review of the decision.

  1. AAT can either agree with the immigration or can set apart the original decision.
  2. There are strict deadlines to lodge an appeal, so act on time.

Conditions for Partner Visa (Permanent) (Subclass 801)

There are no conditions attached to partner visa (Subclass 801)

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